Posted on: March 13, 2011 9:26 pm

Comments on the Real Bracket (Seeds/Brackets)

Hello, college basketball fans!

Now I will critique the seeding and bracketing of the real dance as opposed to mine.

I had all four No. 1 seeds but had Pittsburgh and Duke reversed. I thought it was close between the two and I could have seen it either way.

As for No. 2 seeds, I disagree with Florida. I had Kentucky but I can see it both ways. Kentucky won the SEC Tournament but Florida won the SEC regular season. Then again, Kentucky won two of the three meetings. I had Kentucky a No. 2 and Florida a No. 4 (the reverse of what the NCAA had). Had Florida won, I would have swapped the two teams. It may look weird that one game could be a two seed difference but I was looking at my four No. 4 seeds and I think all four of them have an argument to be a No. 3 seed and I think there wasn't a huge gap between the No. 3 and No. 4 seeds. I had Kentucky and Florida on my bracket this morning as SEC 1 and SEC 2. I thought the SEC champion would be a No. 2 seed but when it came down to it, I thought the four teams on the 3rd line were all more deserving than the SEC runner up.

As for Florida, it is not the first time I think Florida got a gift from the Selection Committee. Last year, Florida was the one team I didn't have in the field and they turned out to be a 10 seed. I actually think Louisville is a better team than Syracuse. Louisville beat Syracuse in the regular season and also beat Pittsburgh as well.

Once again, I think the mid majors get shafted. I had CAA champion Old Dominion as a 6 seed, they had them as a 9 seed. I had Gonzaga as a 9, they had them an 11. The one team I really think has a beef is Utah State. Their RPI was 15. I had them as a 7, the NCAA gave them a 12 seed. Other than the teams I didn't think belonged in the field, however, there was no team I thought was grossly overseeded.

As for the brackets, one problem I have is that Big East teams are scheduled to meet in the third round (for all Big East teams, their second game). In the East Regional, Syracuse (#3) and Marquette (#11) would meet if each win their first game (although Marquette is an underdog to Xavier (#6). In the West Regional, Connecticut (#3) and Cincinnati (#6) also would meet (and both wouild be favored by seed). With 11 teams in the field, it was impossible to make sure no Big East teams met before the regional final but I would think without that your goal should be they wouldn't meet until the Sweet 16. I think that rule should be in place and the NCAA should add it next season. I can think of just swapping Marquette and Georgia in the East (I think Marquette is more worthy of a #10 anyway) and swap Temple and Cincinnati (I think Cincinnati is a better team but then again you are allowed to swap teams one line for bracket reasons).

The matchup by far I have the most interest in the "second" round is Penn State vs. Temple. I have a master's degree from both schools. I am thrilled to see Penn State in the NCAA's for the first time since 2001 (the great Sweet 16 run). Guess who beat Penn State in the Sweet 16 that year? Temple. Of course where is a Temple/Penn State game played? Tucson, Arizona, the farthest location away from Pennsylvania. Go figure. I also went to Illinois for undergrad so I have three alma maters in the field for the first time since I started Temple.

Actually the name other than my three schools that I was most excited to hear? St. Peter's. Not the name itself, but the team name. You see, they are the St. Peter's ... Peacocks! The last time the Peacocks made the field was 1995. I just liked wanting to hear Greg Gumbel say the name "Peacocks". Unless St. Peter's gets good in the next few years, when will be the next time we hear them say "Peacocks"?

Coming in the next few days, Schmolik Bracket Analysis! Stay tuned!

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