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Schmolik 64 Update (2/11/13)

Hello, college basketball fans!

Welcome to the first update for the 2013 Schmolik 64. At the end of the regular season, I will pick a complete NCAA bracket with the teams I think belong in the NCAA field and where they should be seeded. Up to then, there will be updates to see where your team stands if the season ended today (Records as of Sun. Feb. 10, 2012).

Until Championship Week, I will only seed the top 12 seeds. The bottom four seeds are usually reserved for one bid conferences, in which usually only the conference champion goes from those conferences. Similar to last year, I will reserve two No. 12 seed lines for the "First Four".

You should interpret these as being among the last teams to get into the field (although there could be exceptions based upon bracketing rules, which prevent the actual last four from making the field).

I know there are 68 teams now but if I had my way there would still be just 64 teams and when I started the Schmolik 64 there were just 64 teams. So, that is why I still call it the "Schmolik 64".

Here's the bracket update for Feb. 11, 2012.


Opening Weekend: Thur/Sat March 21-23, Fri/Sun March 22-24

Regionals: Thur/Sat March 28-30, Fri/Sun March 29-31

MIDWEST REGIONAL (Indianapolis, IN - Fri/Sun)

Dayton, OH - Fri/Sun

(1) Indiana (21-3) vs. (16)

(8) La Salle (16-6) vs. (9) UCLA (18-6)

Kansas City, MO - Fri/Sun

(5) Pittsburgh (20-5) vs. (12) First Four Game A Winner

(4) Kansas State (18-4) vs. (13)

Dayton, OH - Fri/Sun

(6) NC State (17-7) vs. (11) Temple (16-7)

(3) Florida (19-3) vs. (14)

Philadelphia, PA - Fri/Sun

(7) Illinois (16-8) vs. (10) Indiana State (15-8)

(2) Syracuse (20-3) vs. (15)

WEST REGIONAL (Los Angeles, CA - Thur/Sat)

Auburn Hills, MI - Thur/Sat

(1) Michigan (20-3) vs. (16)

(8) San Diego State (16-5) vs. (9) Memphis (20-3)

Austin, TX - Fri/Sun

(5) Oklahoma State (17-5) vs. (12) St. Louis (18-5)

(4) Marquette (21-6) vs. (13)

Austin, TX - Fri/Sun

(6) Minnesota (17-7) vs. (11) Middle Tennessee State (22-4)

(3) New Mexico (20-4) vs. (14)

Salt Lake City, Utah - Thur/Sat

(7) Oregon (19-5) vs. (10) North Carolina (15-7)

(2) Gonzaga (22-2) vs. (15)

EAST REGIONAL (Washington, DC- Thur/Sat)

Philadelphia, PA - Fri/Sun

(1) Duke (21-2) vs. (16)

(8) Cincinnati (18-6) vs. (9) Colorado (16-7)

San Jose, CA - Thur/Sat

(5) Wisconsin (17-7) vs. (12) First Four Game B Winner

(4) Butler (19-4) vs. (13)

Lexington, KY - Thur/Sat

(6) Oklahoma (15-7) vs. (11) Belmont (18-5)

(3) Louisville (19-5) vs. (14)

Auburn Hills, MI - Thur/Sat

(7) UNLV (17-6) vs. (10) Missouri (17-6)

(2) Michigan State (19-4) vs. (15)

SOUTH REGIONAL (Arlington, TX - Fri/Sun)

Lexington, KY - Thur/Sat

(1) Miami (19-3) vs. (16)

(8) VCU (19-5) vs. (9) Iowa State (16-7)

San Jose, CA - Thur/Sat

(5) Georgetown 17-4) vs. (12) Louisiana Tech (21-3)

(4) Ohio State (17-6) vs. (13)

Kansas City, MO - Fri/Sun

(6) Notre Dame (19-5) vs. (11) Creighton (20-5)

(3) Kansas (19-4) vs. (14)

Salt Lake City, Utah - Thur/Sat

(7) Colorado State (17-4) vs. (10) Kentucky (17-6)

(2) Arizona (20-3) vs. (15)

Final Four: Midwest vs, West, East vs. South

First Four (Dayton, OH):

Game A: Wed. March 20: Wichita State (20-5) vs. Mississippi (18-5), Winner is Midwest #12 seed, plays Pittsburgh in Kansas City.

Game B: Tue. March 19: Villanova (14-9) vs. Baylor (14-8) - Winner is East #12 seed, plays Wisconsin in San Jose.

By conference:

Big East (8)

Big Ten (7)

Big 12 (6)

A-10 (5)

ACC (4)

MWC (4)

Pac-12 (4)

SEC (4)

MVC (3)

C-USA, WCC, OVC, Sun Belt, WAC (1 each)

Remaining Automatics: 17

Party Crashers/Additional At Large: 1

Compare my bracket to CBS Sports Bracketology and many others at [Bracket Project's Bracket Matrix.]

Remember to comment! If you think a team or teams that are out should be in or teams are in should be out, let me hear from you!
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Final 2012 Schmolik 64!

Hello, college basketball fans!

This is the final Schmolik 64 for 2012!

First Four: Tue. March 13 and Wed. March 14 (Dayton, OH)
Opening Weekend: Thur/Sat March 15-17, Fri/Sun March 16-18
Regionals: Thur/Sat March 22-24, Fri/Sun March 23-25

Final Four Semifinals: South Champion vs. West Champion, East Champion vs. Midwest Champion

First Four Games listed at the end (just to keep you in suspense!)

South Regional (Atlanta, GA: Fri/Sun)

Louisville, KY: Thur/Sat
(1) Kentucky (32-2) vs. (16) First Four
(8) Purdue (21-12) vs. (9) St. Louis (24-7)

Nashville, TN: Fri/Sun

(5) Murray State * (27-1) vs. (12) First Four
(4) Louisville * (26-9) vs. (13) Ohio * (26-7)

Albuquerque, NM: Thur/Sat

(6) UNLV (24-8) vs. (11) Long Beach State * (23-8)
(3) Baylor (26-7) vs. (14) Montana * (23-6)

Pittsburgh, PA: Thur/Sat 
(7) Creighton * (28-5) vs. (10) Connecticut (20-13)
(2) Ohio State (27-7) vs. (15) LIU-Brooklyn * (25-8)

WEST REGIONAL (Phoenix, AZ: Thur/Sat)

Columbus, OH: Fri/Sun 
(1) Michigan State * (26-7) vs. (16) UNC Asheville * (21-9)
(8) Notre Dame (22-11) vs. (9) Alabama (21-11)

Portland, OR: Thur/Sat
(5) New Mexico * (26-6) vs. (12) Texas (20-13)
(4) Florida State * (24-9) vs. (13) Colorado * (21-11)

Nashville, TN: Fri/Sun

(6) Wichita State (26-5) vs. (11) NC State (22-12)
(3) Georgetown (22-8) vs. (14) St. Bonaventure (20-11)

Omaha, NE: Fri/Sun

(7) St. Mary's * (25-5) vs. (10) Colorado State (19-11)
(2) Kansas (27-6) vs. (15) Loyola Maryland * (24-8)

EAST REGIONAL (Boston, MA Thur/Sat)

Pittsburgh, PA: Thur/Sat
(1) Syracuse (31-2) vs. (16) Lamar * (21-11)
(8) Gonzaga (25-6) vs. (9) Kansas State (21-10)

Albuquerque, NM: Thur/Sat
(5) Temple (24-7) vs. (12) First Four
(4) Indiana (25-8) vs. (13) South Dakota State * (25-7)

Columbus, OH: Fri/Sun
(6) Cincinnati (24-10) vs. (11) California (24-9)
(3) Michigan (23-9) vs. (14) Belmont * (26-7)

Greensboro, NC: Fri/Sun
(7) Florida (23-10) vs. (10) Virginia Commonwealth * (28-6)
(2) Duke (27-6) vs. (15) Lehigh * (25-7)


Greensboro, NC: Fri/Sun
(1) North Carolina (29-5) vs. (16) First Four
(8) Iowa State (22-10) vs. (9) Southern Miss (23-8)

Portland, OR: Thur/Sat
(5) Vanderbilt * (24-10) vs. (12) West Virginia (19-13)
(4) Wisconsin (24-9) vs. (13) New Mexico State * (24-9)

Louisville, KY: Fri/Sun
(6) Memphis * (26-8) vs. (11) Harvard * (25-4)
(3) Marquette (25-7) vs. (14) Davidson * (24-7)

Omaha, NE: Fri/Sun
(7) San Diego State (24-7) vs. (10) Xavier (21-11)
(2) Missouri * (30-4) vs. (15) Detroit * (20-13)

First Four (All Games are in Dayton, OH):
Tuesday, March 13:
Game 1: Mississippi Valley State * (21-12) vs. Western Kentucky * (15-18). Winner is South Regional No. 16 seed (plays No. 1 Kentucky in Louisville, KY)
Game 2: South Florida (19-13) vs. Virginia (22-9). Winner is East Regional No. 12 seed (plays No. 5 Temple in Albuquerque, NM)

Wednesday, March 14:
Game 1: Vermont (23-11) vs. Norfolk State * (24-8). Winner is Midwest Regional No. 16 seed (plays No. 1 North Carolina in Greensboro, NC)
Game 2: Drexel (27-6) vs. Marshall (20-13). Winner is South Regional No. 12 seed (plays No. 5 Murray State in Nashville, TN

By conference: Big East (9), Big Ten (6), Big 12 (6), ACC (5), SEC (4), A-10 (4), MWC (4), C-USA (3), Colonial, MVC, Pac-12, WCC (2 each), One Bid (19)

Lowest RPI for an at large (according to CBSSports RPI): Drexel (66), Other RPI above 50: West Virginia (56), South Florida (53), Virginia (52)

Highest RPI left out: Iona (41), BYU (47), Oral Roberts (51), Central Florida (54), Akron (55), Middle Tennessee (57), Mississippi (60).

Others left out: Miami (62), Northwestern (63), Oregon (64), Seton Hall (68), St. Joseph's (69), Washington (70), Mississippi State (74), Tennessee (85)

Compare my bracket to CBS Sports Bracketology and many others at Bracket Project's Bracket Matrix.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the NCAA Tournament!

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Schmolik BCS Bowl Projections (Sun. Dec. 4 AM)

Hello, college football fans!

This year's final BCS bowl projections unfortunately is like a close presidential race - too close to call. We pretty much have to wait for the final BCS rankings to determine not only who will get into the BCS title game but who will get into BCS bowls period.

The big question is who will be ranked #2 behind LSU. Will it be Alabama and the title game will be a rematch or will it be Oklahoma State who made a big statement beating Oklahoma badly in Bedlam?

But lesser questions deal with BCS selections which are based on the now unknown BCS rankings:


The highest ranked non-AQ league champion is guaranteed a spot if they are in the top 12 of the BCS or top 16 and higher than the lowest ranked AQ-league champion. Since the Big Least champion is almost certainly going to be below 16, use the top 16 as the cutoff.

Houston would have received the spot but they lost, costing them a bid. Boise State is not a conference champion so they do not qualify under this rule. TCU is currently #18. They would have to jump two places to secure an automatic bid. If not, no one gets it.

To be eligible for a BCS bowl, a team must be ranked in the top 14. Right now, Michigan is 16th. They would have to jump two places as well.

My base projections will be based upon:

1. Alabama being ranked #2.
2. TCU gaining an automatic bid (top 16).
2. Michigan becoming BCS eligible (top 14).

National Championship: LSU (#1. SEC) vs. Alabama (#2)

Rose Bowl: Oregon (Pac-12) vs. Wisconsin (Big Ten)
Sugar Bowl: Michigan (At Large Choice 1) vs. West Virginia (Big East)
Orange Bowl: Clemson (ACC) vs. TCU (Non AQ Automatic)
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma State (Big 12) vs. Stanford (At Large Choice 2)

I think the Sugar Bowl will choose West Virginia over TCU since their fans seem to travel well and they have more national appeal than TCU although TCU is closer to New Orleans.

If either TCU or Michigan does not qualify, it will be between Kansas State and Boise State for one bid. If neither TCU nor Michigan qualify, both will make it by default. Virginia Tech should be eligible but an unlikely choice after they got pounded. The Orange Bowl would never take them and the Fiesta Bowl is way too far.

Should Oklahoma State jump Alabama...

Alabama goes to the Sugar Bowl instead of Michigan.

The Fiesta gets a pick to replace Oklahoma State and the next choice out of the BCS pool. I see that being Stanford vs. Michigan, assuming they are eligible. Should Michigan not be eligible, it will be interesting if they take Boise State again (they've been there twice since the Statue of Liberty play) or take Kansas State.

Assuming West Virginia goes to the Sugar Bowl, Michigan gets in and TCU does not, the Orange Bowl will have to choose between Boise State or Kansas State. Both are way too far away. Boise State is probably the more nationally known program and it will appease the people who think the BCS is exclusive towards the BCS conferences.

Remember the pick order this year:

Sugar (to replace LSU)
Fiesta (IF they have to replace Oklahoma State)


Assuming my BCS projections are true, here is possibly how some of the other BCS bowls could shake out:

Cotton: Arkansas vs. Kansas State (Oklahoma's big loss probably means Kansas State will be chosen, assuming KSU doesn't make the BCS. I think Arkansas feels more at home with the Cotton than the Capital One)

Capital One: South Carolina vs. Nebraska (Michigan State was in last year's Capital One Bowl. Nebraska may be too far away from Orlando but the other choices would be the scandal filled Penn State and Ohio State (who is 6-6) teams).

Outback: Georgia vs. Michigan State. Possibly Georgia and South Carolina could flip flop.

Chick Fil A: Virginia Tech vs. Auburn (Maybe Florida State instead of Virginia Tech, maybe Florida instead of Auburn, but of course Florida/Florida State won't happen).

Gator: Florida vs. Ohio State (The future Urban Meyer Bowl has been rumored for the past week. The catch is that the Insight Bowl gets to pick the Big Ten ahead of the Gator even though the Gator is a far better bowl.)

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Schmolik BCS Bowl Projections Nov. 26 (night)

Hello, college football fans!

I still think there is a chance that Oklahoma State will jump Alabama next week to gain a spot against likely opponent LSU in the BCS championship. But this week, I will play what if and list two scenarios (Oklahoma State in the title game and Alabama in the title game)...

If LSU plays Oklahoma State in the title game:

Rose: Big Ten (Michigan State/Wisconsin winner) vs. Pac-12 (Oregon/UCLA winner)
Orange: ACC (Clemson/Virginia Tech winner)

Sugar: Replaces LSU with Alabama
Fiesta: Replaces Oklahoma State with Stanford

Fiesta: Picks Michigan
Sugar: Picks Houston (pending win in C-USA Championship)
Orange: Is stuck with the Big Least Champ (West Virginia, Louisville, or Cincinnati): Click here for scenarios:

If LSU plays Alabama in the title game:

Fiesta: Big 12 Champ (Oklahoma State/Oklahoma winner)
Rose: Big Ten (Michigan State/Wisconsin winner) vs. Pac-12 (Oregon/UCLA winner)
Orange: ACC (Clemson/Virginia Tech winner)

Sugar: Replaces LSU with Michigan

Fiesta: Picks Stanford
Sugar: Picks Houston (pending win in C-USA Championship)
Orange: Is stuck with the Big Least Champ

West Virginia could be chosen ahead of Houston in the Sugar Bowl if they are the Big East champion.

Stanford looks destined for the Fiesta Bowl. The only way Stanford doesn't is if LSU and Alabama make the national championship and the Sugar Bowl decides to choose Stanford ahead of Michigan.

Michigan's BCS fate probably depends on who plays for the championship.

They are rooting for Alabama and LSU to make the title game so they can play in the Sugar Bowl instead of getting stuck with the Fiesta Bowl.

On the other hand, there is a small chance that if Oklahoma State loses to Oklahoma that the Sugar Bowl can use Oklahoma State over Michigan and Michigan can wind up completely out of the BCS.

The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of CBS Sports or CBSSports.com